Top 5 Questions About Pressure Washers

Q. What Really Is A Pressure Washer?

A. A pressure washer is an appliance that converts ordinary low pressure tap water into high pressure water that is used primarily to do tough cleaning jobs. A washer machine can be gas powered or electric powered. Gas powered types are used for heavier duty industrial and professional jobs. Electric powered washers run on a motor and pump and are more common around the home than industrial areas as they have a lower pressure output than gas powered models.

Q. Why Are Gas Powered Washers Not Common Around The Home?

A. This is because, number one washer repair pasadena, they produce more than enough power which can be harmful to both humans and animals around the home. Gas powered washers range in pressure output from about 2800 PSI to as high as 4000 psi. Secondly, these types of pressure washers produce fumes which are essentially carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide is poisonous to humans and animals and the risk is even higher when a gas powered pressure washer is used indoors says in the garage. Lastly, these types of washers can be bulky and noisy. This may disturb neighbors apart from being a problem to store.

Q. Are Electric Washers Easier And Cheaper To Maintain Than Gas Ones?

A. True, generally electric pressure washers are easier and overall cheaper to maintain because they are designed to be low maintenance. Manufacturers realize that electric washers are used around the home often by people with no technical knowledge nor interest. As a result they make them less demanding to the owner in terms of maintenance. In many cases, for example, electric washers unlike gas washers do not require any oil change. They come sealed and ready to run for the duration of their work life.

Electric pressure washers are also easier to maintain due to the fact that they do not produce as much power. They run on a motor and a pump. Unlike gas powered pressure washers which run on an engine and special type of pump. Engines require attention on an ongoing basis just like a car engine. This makes them high maintenance.

Q. How Best Is Gas Washer Oil To Be Disposed After A Change

A. As explained in the answer above, part of gas powered washer maintenance involves oil change after certain hours of use. It is important how that oil is disposed as it may harm the environment. Used oil should never be improperly disposed such as pouring it into a drainage or out in the open environment. In many places across the United States and Europe there are programs that reclaim used oil.

The system is well organized so much that you can look up a center closest to you over the internet. These different agencies collect used oil on behalf of certain industries that recycle the oil for different purposes. This is the best and recommended way to dispose your washer oil after a change.

Q. Should I Lend My Washer To Others

A. This is really up to each individual. However that said there are certain things to consider before temporarily giving away your machine. Ensure that the person to operate it is familiar with its use and how to use it. This is to protect them from personal injury. It is possible for a person who is not knowledge to borrow your machine hoping they know how to operate it or out of sheer excitement. In both cases make your decision considering protecting the individual using the machine and your machine at the same time.

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